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ABCO provides over 40 years of professional experience in lock entrance. ABCO offers exceptional value and professional service and is trained to be courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient.

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Mortise Lock

A bolt is situated inside the group of an entryway in a break or mortise, instead of one connected to the entryway surface. A mortise lock is one that obliges a pocket—the mortise—to be cut into the entryway where the lock is to be fitted and is regular in business development.

ABCO Security Solutions
ABCO Security Solutions

Cabinet Lock

Cabinet lock and all the hardware for your entire security wants and needs. A wide variety of high-end – showcase and quality metal, glass, wood cabinet locks for commercial, retail, and industrial use.

Cylindrical Lever Handle

A barrel-shaped lock is intended to be introduced through the entryway with a handle or lever on either side that withdraws the hook when turned or discouraged. Two gaps are bored in the entryway, one through the entryway's substance for the lock skeleton and the other through the entryway's strike edge for the latch bolt. Barrel-shaped locksets oblige less time for establishment. Barrel-shaped locksets are normally found in homes, business locales, and inside entry.

ABCO Security Solutions
ABCO Security Solutions

Cylindrical Knob Lock

Same as above, except this one has a knob.

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